Type 3 (Type III) Industrial Hard Coat Anodizing:

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It has long been known that reactive metals and alloys can be protected from corrosion and deterioration by the application of of a coating of an unreactive material. Such a protective coating can greatly extend the use of the metals and alloys. In the case of aluminum, the development over the past two decades of hard anodizing has permitted uses of the metal far beyond those envisioned by its discoverers. Because hard anodizing prevents galvanic reaction, aluminum can now be used with steel, brass, and bronze.

Industrial Hard Coat Anodizing (Type 3 / Type III) is not to be confused with ordinary anodized aluminum, in which a very thin coating of aluminum oxide is developed only on the surface of the metal. Hard anodizing requires a special electrolysis process which produces a dense layer of aluminum oxide BOTH ON and IN the aluminum surface. The thickness of this hard anodizing coating ranges from 1 to 3 mils or more.

Aluminum oxide is an inert, stable compound. As a coating, it imparts this inertness to the aluminum surface. Because it distributes heat evenly and efficiently, it can be used as a coating of high temperature material for industrial furnaces.

Hard Coat anodizing enhances
many of the desirable properties
of aluminum:

    • low density
    • excellent electrical resistance
    • excellent thermal conductivity
    • good malleability and ductility
    • imparts a surface as hard as
      some gemstones

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